Founded more than 30 years ago, Clínica Ana Lucia Recio’s work is recognized country-wide. Our mission is to take care of the dermatological patient under a global look, since we understand that skin health is also a reflection of internal and emotional health.

Considering that dermatology has subspecialties, we have built up knowledge not only in the area of ​​dermatological diseases (children, teenagers, adults and the elderly, each with its specific needs within the area), but also in cosmiatry (which meets the needs of healthy skin) and in laser therapy, through the use of cutting-edge technology to treat both disease and health.

Our team understands that the clinic’s ultimate goal is to bring healing to the patient in an environment of harmony and respect with those who seek it. Our target is to search for the best for each individual within the scientific limits and realistic expectations, an important premise that must be established in a good doctor-patient relationship.

“We do not make patients, we make bonds”.

This is what Ana Lucia Recio, medic responsible for the clinic and in front of a handpicked medical team, both from the values ​​and purposes angle as from the technical competence side, declares.

They are dermatologists with medical residency in the best centers of the country and title of specialist by the Brazilian Society of Dermatology. Ana Lucia Recio and her clinical staff often attend national and international workshops and congresses.

“We seek to align knowledge with innovations in a broad sense and, this way, obtain better results to treat each individual, since each patient is unique.