Cryolipolysis has excelent results against localized fat. The technology, when applied through a certified device and by a qualified professional can reduce the fat layer by up to 25%. The adipose cells are subjected to a temperature of -2 °C, killed by freezing and eliminated without side effects in 60 days. In addition to abdominal fat and flanks, back and thighs, cryolipolysis may also be applied to smaller areas, such as the arm near the armpit, the knee, and the chin. The effects, in general, can already be felt ten days after the first session. It takes one to two sessions.

Lymphatic drainage

Drainage movements improve the essential functions of the venous and lymphatic system. It also helps blood circulation and eliminates excess fluid between cells. Therefore, it has great indication for cellulite. It should be associated with a diet low in salt and fat, which increase fluid retention and, consequently, cellulite. It is possible to do it weekly or according to patient’s need, like post-surgery, for example.

Acoustic waves therapy

Acoustic wave therapy increases epidermal elasticity, improves blood circulation, stimulates collagen production and helps eliminate toxins. Known for its success in treating cellulite, the device also works to potentiate and maximize the outcome of other procedures, such as cryolipolysis and monopolar radiofrequency. The treatment is painless and already produces  a smoother skin sensation in the first session. Ten sessions are required.

High-power radiofrequency

Device that offers totally safe, comfortable and non-invasive body treatment. It uses monopolar radiofrequency with greater depth, that improves corporal contour and firmness, combating flaccidity. Four sessions are needed.

Negative pressure, infrared and radiofrequency combined treatment

Reference in cellulite treatment, this technology combines several energies. Bipolar radiofrequency warms the dermis deeply, stimulating the metabolism and fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin, improving the skin firmness. The infrared LED, optimizes radiofrequency and stimulates metabolism and cellular activation, helping to reabsorb edema and improving oxygen supply. This, combined with pulsed vacuum (negative pressure), increases blood and lymphatic flow, improving waste elimination. Ten sessions are required.

Multi-directional radiofrequency with no skin contact

The method is famous for eliminating fat from the abdomen, thighs, arms and flanks. The technique is non-invasive. The applicator is placed over the area to be treated, but without contact with the skin. The fat is eliminated by homogenous distribution of the heat in the fatty tissue. Unlike the skin and muscle, the fat has little water, so the heat passes by and gets trapped in the greasy layer. The fat cell, then, undergoes apoptosis, ie cell death. The results are observed gradually. Four weekly sessions are recommended.

Macro and microfocused body ultrasound

The technology uses high intensity macrofocused ultrasound and allows it to reach different depths of the skin, reaching up to the muscle. The procedure eliminates adipose cells by heat and also promotes collagen fibers contraction, achieving excellent results for those who want to model the body. It can be done on the neckline, arms, abdomen, thighs, back, flanks and culote. Three monthly sessions are recommended. Depending on the protocol, it is possible to finish the treatment with microfocused ultrasound.

Vibratory endermotherapy

A device performs a multi-directional massage with vibratory movements and micro-percussion. It improves cellular oxygenation, optimizes lymphatic system function, relieves muscle tension, fatigue and tired leg feeling. Sessions are performed according to the patient’s needs.