Aesthetic treatments are performed by a beautician with medical supervision


Based on the antioxidant properties of phloretin, ferulic acid and fruit acids, this acts as a complement, to help maintain the results of anti-aging treatments done with more powerful peels and lasers.

Beauté Lifting

Revitalizing facial treatment with immediate firming effect. Ideal before parties or weddings. Rich in amino acids, vitamins, phyto hormones and collagen, it stimulates regeneration and cellular cohesion giving the skin its elasticity back and reducing wrinkles depth.


Spots happen when there is some kind of change in skin pigmentation. It can vary in color shades and appear at any age. The causes are diverse, varying from long sun exposure and hormonal changes, such as those that happen during puberty and pregnancy, to acne marks. In this procedure, we associate specific assets to contribute to skin whitening and maintenance of previous treatments.


Facial treatment that contains potent alpha hydroxy acid derivative, which is found naturally in the skin. It helps maintain the skin’s protection mantle at its optimum pH. Applied to the skin, lactic acid and its salts (lactates) act as antimicrobial agents and are moisturizing, antioxidant, rejuvenating and whitening.

Vit C

Increasing pigmentation can be triggered by the sun, genetic factors and hormonal changes. The Vit C treatment helps control pigment production, combats free radicals, improves texture and whitens the skin.

Skin Cleansing

Every day our skin is exposed to pollution, wind, sun and all kinds of impurities. Little by little, it loses its natural glow. Skin cleansing should be in the basic skincare package, as it removes impurities, decongests and oxygenates. It helps reduce the effects of time and day to day routine.

Catio Vital

Complete facial cleansing and skin normalization. It oxygenates, purifies and moisturizes deeply, to balance and maintain skin health. It uses a device that optimizes rapid permeation of specific substances, making the results effective.

Facial lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage helps oxygenate cells, reducing edema and pouches that form around the eyes. It is ideal for sensitive skin with rosacea and dermatitis, as they require special care. It is also an excellent complement to plastic surgeries recovery.


Dehydrated skin has its natural protection damaged. Therefore, it must receive hydration agents. Its main function is to balance liquids in dehydrated and or damaged by the sun skin. This treatment is also used to help recover from chemical peels and lasers.