There are a number of therapeutic options for treating baldness and hair loss in men and women.


A roller containing a number of needles is used to make micro-holes in the scalp, through which drug delivery (dispensing of specific medications) is done. These medications penetrate the dermis and stimulate hair growth and neovascularization and improve nutrition.


In the technique of capillary mesotherapy, substances are injected into the scalp with the help of syringe and needle.

MMP (drug microinfusion)

A specific device with microneedles is used to, at the same time, promote needling and dispense medication into the scalp dermis, achieving the follicle more accurately.

Led therapy

Photobiostimulation uses LED light to irradiate the hair follicle, allowing greater use of nutrients and better vascularization, as well as reducing inflammation and stimulating the growth of hair strands. It is a treatment option that can be associated in the same session with the other procedures.